Dear New Clients,

Email is my preferred way to communicate, if you would like to send photos of your hair and a list of current products you’re using. Any inspiration pics of shapes you like would be helpful too:

Please do check out all the information on my site. Services I offer to new clients are:

~Curly Cut Reset

~Wash & Go + Detox (no cut)

~Video Call Product/Technique Consultation

See: Service Menu & Pricing

Most new clients need to detox their hair before seeing me, due to all the misinformation out there in the curly internet. There are actually very few products out there that are good for curls, and the market is oversaturated with products that have heavy butters, oils, silicones, sulfates, and various unpronounceable things that build up on the hair over time. This blocks moisture and dehydrates the hair, weighs it down, keeps stylers from doing their job, etc. One size fits all curls marketing by companies assuming all curls are thick, coarse, and dry isn’t helpful either.


A detox is a temporary process that involves a clarifying wash and silicone free conditioner. I usually have clients grab Kinky Curly Come Clean and Knot Today, and avoid all their other products up to the appointment. Depending on how often you wash your hair, I would book something the week after you’ve been able to wash

4-5 times with this combo. One clarifying wash won't remove this type of build up. This is why it's so important to start the detox at home. This will be further explained when booking your appointment.


A curly cut is done on dry hair, in its curly state, the way it lives. It’s important to do it dry because of the shrinkage that happens from wet to dry. Wavy hair isn’t as important to cut dry. Many times a razor cut on wet hair is the better route to bring out the natural wave or curl. It really all depends on your unique hair. 

All product lines that have been vetted to be safe for regular use on curly hair can be found on my Products page.


I look forward to working with you!

Madelaine @ Curl Power

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