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Please read my Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this page before booking.


(Approx. times do not include cut)

Curly Cut (2 hrs) (DevaCut) $120 & up

All genders. All textures.

A Curly Cut books out 2 hours.

Hair is cut dry in the natural way you wear it with products. Hair is then cleansed, conditioned and styled dry and curly. Cut is then finished and detailed dry. (Curls must be defined to cut it this way)

If booking online, please add the extra time option if you have especially long/thick hair or slow drying texture.

Please contact if unsure. (i.e. 3 hour service is $120+) Length, density, and texture affect this along with the amount of products needed.

I am Level 1 Deva Inspired for curly hair, however, I am brand agnostic, and draw from many different techniques including my own.

Wash and Go for Curly Hair (1-2 hrs) $80 & up

A shampoo blowdry for curlies. Cleanse, condition, diffuse drying, and finishing style. Please add extra time for dense slow drying textures. This appointment only books out 1 hour.

Curly Child Cut under 10 (1-2 hours) $60 & up

Mini version of the Curly Cut. Includes cleansing, conditioning, styling, and drying. If it takes the same amount of time as an adult Curly Cut, an adult price applies.

Haircut Med-Long (chin-length and beyond) (60-90minutes) $60 & up

This is for the straight/wavy clients. Hair is traditionally cut wet and blown out.  It is not advisable to do on hair that is worn curly. 

This category includes bobs.

Price range depends on length, thickness, styling, time and methods used.

If booking online, please add the "extra time" option if you have especially long/thick hair.

Haircut Short (above chin-length) (30-60 minutes) $40 & up

All genders. All textures. Women's pixie cuts, short to medium men's cuts. No barbering or fades.

Child Cut Under 10 (30 minutes) $25 & up

Simple child's trim. Shampoo not included.

Bang trim / Neck trim $15 (FREE for returning clients)

Bang trims and neck trims are complimentary for returning clients

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Permanent Wave and Curl Education (4hrs) $250 & up

Old school perms are back. Body waves to curly curls. 3+ hour service.

Newbies: Be prepared to style your hair differently and use different products than what you are used to.

In-person consultation required before booking service. Consultation should be booked on a separate day from the actual service. 

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Free Consultation for Color

Complimentary 15 min consultation

Fantasy Color 4-8hrs $200 & up

All the fun unnatural rainbow, unicorn, or pastel colors. Price range based on time, complexity, hair length and thickness. Hair must be lightened to the proper level first, then direct dyes are applied. This could be in a solid application, ombre, balayage, color melt, root shading, or multiple colors in creative placement. In-person consultation required before booking service. Consultation should be booked on a separate day from the actual service. 

Balayage / Foilage 3-4hrs $200 & up

Modern evolution of highlights. Pricing depends on time, product, and processes used: foiling, baby lights, teasy lights, root shadow. multi-toning, bond builder, etc.

Rainbow or unicorn colors should be booked under Fantasy Color.

Root Shadow (stand alone service) 90 min. $100 & up

Color added as a shadowed root to your highlights or balayage​ for an updated look, or to refresh previous root shadow. 

Double Process Blonde Bleach and Tone 2hrs $150 & up

Pre-lightening and toning. Lightening may be done twice to lift dark bases.  All over blonding on long hair should be booked as a Corrective Color. 

Returning Client Retouch:  $90 if less than 1 inch new growth

All Over Single Process Color 2hrs $100 & up

Single Process all over Permanent color. Covering grays or changing natural color within a few levels. Changing color beyond a few levels lighter may require a bleach and tone. Changing color from previously colored hair may require corrective color.

Returning Client Retouch: $80 if less than 1 inch new growth

Corrective Color 4-8hrs $300 & up

Corrective color involves a major transformation on previously colored hair. It is time and product intensive. Sometimes another salon messed up your hair, or you attempted to color yourself and it turned orange, etc. Each situation will call for different remedies and some outcomes may not be possible. A consultation is usually needed prior to booking. Multiple appointments may be necessary to accomplish the outcome and protect the integrity of the hair. In-person consultation required before booking service. Consultation should be booked on a separate day from the actual service. 

Highlight / Color with Foils $175 & up

Traditional Highlights or Lowlights. Color goes all the way to the scalp. Price is determined by time and product used.

Toning or Glazing (stand alone service for returning clients) 45 min $50 & up

Reapplying a demi-permanent color to neutralize blond brassiness or enrich previous tones between appointments. Quick dry included.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice will be charged 50% of the service value before rescheduling another appointment. 

All No-Show appointments will be charged 100% of the service value.