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I only use premium product lines, and my prices reflect that.

Please read my Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this page before booking.


Facetime Virtual Curly Cut 1hr $80

A virtual product suggestion and technique consultation for curly clients. If you didn't get in for a Curly Cut before the shutdown, we can still have the discussion that would have happened during the service.

~products in your bathroom (what needs to go and what to hold onto)

~products and tools that would be better for your hair type

~tips and techniques for your hair type

~online tutorials and accounts to follow

~split-ends trim you can do yourself

Facetime Virtual Bang Trim 30min $40

A virtual walk-through bang trim for current clients that desperately want to trim their own bangs.

Facetime Color Consultation and Advice 15min $20

You're desperate to color your own hair, and need advice. Please reach out before the grabbing the box color. This is an initial consultation. Walk through tutorial will be scheduled if necessary.

New Client Curly Cut $150

All genders. All textures.

A Curly Cut books out 2 hours.

Hair is cut dry in the natural way you wear it with products. Hair is then cleansed, conditioned and styled dry and curly. Cut is then finished and detailed dry.

If booking online, please add the extra time option if you have especially long/thick hair or slow drying texture. Length, density, and texture affect this along with the amount of products needed.

Detox Treatment Add-on $30

This is added on to a haircut, color, or wash-and-go

Let's get those toxic ingredients out of your hair. 


Malibu C Undo Goo 

Malibu Crystal Gel

Olaplex Treatment

Returning Client Curly Cut $120 & up

Curly Cut for returning clients. Includes wash and dry.

Returning Client Dry Cut Touch-up $80 & up

A dry cut only, for maintenance. Ends are trimmed following current shape. Changing shape, major change in length, or more than 6 months since last cut, must book full Curly Cut. Must come prepared with curls defined. 

Wavy Shags and Bobs $80 & up

This is for the straight/wavy clients. Hair is traditionally cut wet and blow-dried.  It is not advisable to do on hair that is worn curly. 

Price range depends on length, thickness, styling, time and methods used.

If booking online, please add the "extra time" option if you have especially long/thick hair.

Child Cut under 10 $80 & up

Mini version of the Curly Cut. Includes cleansing, conditioning, styling, and drying. If it takes the same amount of time as an adult Curly Cut, an adult price applies.

Bang trim / Neck trim $20

Does not include face framing

Wash and Go $80 & up

A shampoo blowdry for curlies. Cleanse, condition, diffuse drying, and finishing style. Please add extra time for dense slow drying textures. This appointment only books out 1 hour.

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"It's more expensive because curly hair has to be catered to differently. The hair needs more conditioning, the stylist is putting in product, the client has to go under the dryer or diffuser, then there's cutting it more than once. You end up spending two hours, or maybe even three, depending on the hair's density and texture."~Mona Baltazar @themonacut


Permanent Wave and Curl Education (3-4hrs) $240-$320

Old school perms are back. Body waves to curly curls. 3+ hour service.

Newbies: Be prepared to style your hair differently and use different products than what you are used to.

In-person consultation required before booking service. Consultation should be booked on a separate day from the actual service. 

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Free Consultation for Color (Required)

Complimentary consultation.

Due to the differences in thickness, length, texture of hair, and the complex variations in techniques, all color appointments must first book an in-person consultation or a cut. 

Actual service cannot be booked until the consultation. 

Returning clients may consult through email: curlpower101@gmail.com

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Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hrs notice if possible.

If you aren't feeling well, I will be happy to reschedule at least two weeks after you are symptom free.

Thank you for understanding.

Although a private salon suite is one of the cleanest places you can be, I am taking extra precautions to ensure a sanitary space. Please help me do that by staying home if you are not feeling well. At this time, all cancellation fees are waived. We have been fairly lucky in Austin as of yet. I will keep working behind the chair. There is no paid leave in my business, so please help me to keep my space virus free. Love you all ♥️