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The ultimate curl care guide using HAIRSTORY.

Hairstory New Wash cleans hair with a complex of essential oils and Aloe Vera to preserve the power of natural oils and remove the things you don’t want. For most curls, I suggest New Wash Rich.

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A Little About Pricing

By: Ashlee Norman @ashleenormanhair

A very good breakdown on salon pricing and why color costs what it does. 

By:  David Williams, CNN

The C.R.O.W.N. Act (Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair), states that the standards of professional dress and grooming in workplaces and schools are often based on Eurocentric standards.

Does Straight Hair Privilege Exist In America?

By:  ToellaP

Yes it does. Let's delve into why this attitude exists and change it. It's much deeper than hair.

So You Want To Be A Unicorn. Read This First...

By:  Pulp Riot educator Shurie Saxelby (@shurie) 

1. It’s going to take time—aka multiple appointments.

2. You’re going to be in the salon for a long time.

3. It’s not cheap.

4. You have to be blonde to achieve a fashion color.

5. Fashion colors are high maintenance and fade quickly.

25 Photos That Will Make You Want Curly Bangs

By:  Kiana Tipton

I'm crazy about bangs right now.

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