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I began my focus on curly hair after years in the industry, and realizing my love for it and the need for it.  Over 65% of the world's population has textured hair, yet cutting curly hair is still not taught in beauty schools. 

 I incorporate various methods based on your unique texture, style, and needs.  I believe in enhancing curly hair instead of "fixing" or "taming" it.  It's also possible you have curl you didn't know you had.  Having gone through my own hair journey, I hope to follow you in yours.

I want you to love your hair.


I wanted a space where everyone could feel comfortable being themselves. Focusing on curly hair opens up my clientele to a diverse range of people, in a still very segregated industry, and that makes me happier. I'm an introvert, so being one on one with the person in my chair helps me to be more comfortable with who I am too.

The European beauty standard in our culture has always made me angry. People are waking up. Cosmetologists learn on a straight haired European model. That doesn't work for everyone, and has caused a lot of damage. As more and more hairstylists learn how to take care of every texture properly, more people will love the hair they were born with.

I am a no b.s. business person.  I don't believe in using products that will harm you or me.  I only carry silicone free, non-toxic products without excessive oils and butters, like Hairstory and Innersense Organics.  I do not recommend any drugstore brands, and I do not use DevaCurl.  (If you've had any issues with DevaCurl, please see the link under my Articles.)

I approach every client service like a collaborative art project.  I believe in keeping up with what is going on in the fashion world and on the street, and getting all of the advanced education I can.

I received a B.A. from UNT where I studied Art and Design. It was in another music town, Denton TX, where I lived around an intimate community of musicians, artists, and all around creative do-ers that were also down-to-earth.

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